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Dr. Joy Aardappel graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cleveland Chiropractic College in 2007 from their accelerated program while attending post-graduate classes specializing in neurology at the Carrick Neurology Institute.  Showing an interest in biology at an early age, she attended the University of California Santa Cruz with Neuroscience as her major, graduating at the top of her class. Dr. Joy was working as an Associate in a microbiology laboratory when a motor vehicle accident sent her to a chiropractor's office.  This experience prompted her to go back to grad school and pursue a different line of work.  After attending Cleveland, she continued her studies in chiropractic neurology, particularly how it relates to immune function and nutrition via the Brain-Gut Axis as well as Functional Medicine.  She regularly attends post-graduate classes in this field to help stay up-to-date on cutting-edge research and therapies.  

Dr. Joy is passionate about creating lasting relationships with her patients, providing them with guidance for all their healthcare needs.  Her unique application of biomechanical knowledge and therapies along with neurology and nutrition allows her to effectively address the dysfunctions of the whole body, not just the specific injury.  Patients with underlying conditions respond particularly well when they have their health addressed as a complete system rather than just an injury-focused approach. She enriches the care she gives by bringing her skills, knowledge, and holistic approach to health with an excellent bedside manner. She has helped numerous patients in her decade of service and is excited for the opportunity to continue to do so with One Health.

Joy Aardappel, DC

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