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Dr. Ling was raised in Hawaii. He received his Doctor of Chiropractic degree in 1986 from Sherman College of Chiropractic. He developed an aptitude for functional relationships after witnessing his grandmother defied the doctor's prognosis and thrived. 

After serving in the US Air Force, he discovered he was becoming more interested in human performance and anatomy. Since completing his training, Dr. Ling has focused his practice on treating patients who suffer from pain, various types of injuries, spine and nerve disorders, and orthopedic conditions. Specializing in Cox flexion-distraction, Diversified, Gonstead, Logan Basic, Impact Tool-Activator, Trigger Points, Skull & Cervical release, and the implementation of corrective exercises for painful/posture-related conditions, Dr. Ling displays a veritable array of knowledge across specialties and modalities. 

Dr. Ling believes in the multidisciplinary approach. Therefore, he enjoys working with physical therapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists as well as other members of the rehabilitation team and pain management specialists to provide optimal results.

Dr. Ling works with patients of all ages & combines different techniques to better serve the patients. 

Dr. Ling is passionate about supporting the health and well-being of the community in South Sound. 

Leslie Ling, DC

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